An Ode To The Natural Charm Of Namibian Leather

If you’re over the lure of perfection, you’re in the right place.

Here at ROWDY, we prefer the ease and charm of imperfections. We’re done trying to attain the unattainable, because we know that our flaws are what make the world a more vibrant and interesting place. That’s why we prefer the charm of natural leather to the uniformity of more polished varieties.

We believe that natural leather is one of the most fascinating materials out there. It’s singular, it’s captivating, and it’s delightfully authentic. If you’re not quite sure what we mean when we say natural leather or you’re still on team perfect, we invite you to keep reading. Below we’ll be sharing exactly why natural leather reigns supreme at ROWDY’s headquarters.



The Rise Of Imperfection In The Fashion World

In an industry that has so often favoured perfection, it’s refreshing to see a shift towards imperfect beauty and the acceptance of flaws.

 The fashion world has become a lot more relaxed and open-minded in recent years, from the bold contours of baroque pearls taking precedence over symmetrical varieties to raw hems being left on denim.

 As we collectively strive for greater authenticity in all areas of our lives, we’re beginning to show more appreciation for designs and materials with natural imperfections. Leather is a prime example, and it’s one of the reasons we like to let its distinctive beauty shine.


Natural Leather’s Unique Characteristics

While some brands refine their leathers to the point they become unrecognisable from their original state, we celebrate the unique traits of the material.

 We believe that natural leather has more character. Every grain and scuff tells a story - just like your own marks and scars. In fact, the imperfections found on a leather hide likely have the same origins as a human’s. Most natural leather markings are scars, scratches, insect bites, stretch marks, or wrinkles. They’re what transform designs into one-of-a-kind pieces, since no two hides will look the same.



 We also think little imperfections help leather age more gracefully. As the colour begins to evolve, the rich patina develops, and creases begin to appear, those original markings add to the rustic vintage feel that your piece will adopt.


Busting The Myths About Leather Imperfections

You may have been taught that imperfections are a sign of poor quality in a product or material. After all, with most other textiles they’re a result of human error (a missed stitch, a fabric hole, a stain, etc).

 However, it’s the opposite with leather. Markings are a natural part of top-grain leather, which is widely considered the highest leather grade on the market. This type of leather is derived from the outermost layers of the animal’s hide, which gives it unrivalled levels of durability. 

 Trust us when we say imperfections do not impact leather’s resilience or quality. All they do is enhance its aesthetic appeal, like Marilyn Monroe’s signature beauty mark. 


Why Choose ROWDY Leather?

Our leathers are derived from free-range beef farms in Namibia, aligning with our ‘no further impact’ philosophy. This means that our leathers are responsibly sourced in addition to showcasing the natural textures inherent to the material.

 We work with a tannery that prefers time-honoured craftsmanship over newer techniques, as we value the artistry of traditional leather making. Although we could create flawlessly smooth and glossy leathers, we prefer carrying on the traditions that leather artisans have been using for centuries.

One of the key principles of our brand is that our leathers aren't designed to conform. We make special bags for special people. You know, the ones who aren’t afraid to flaunt their freckles, frizzy hairs, asymmetrical smiles, or battle scars because they know those are the things that make them stand out.

Just as every individual is unique, so too is every bag we craft. We want our pieces to be reflections of your individuality, so it only makes sense that they come with their own set of distinguishable traits.

 We consider our bags more than just leather goods. They’re a tribute to the charm of imperfections, reminding us that true beauty lies in authenticity. Discover your next embodiment of perfect imperfection within our collections today!