From the classic and elegant cedar leather tote bag to the warm and velvety mountain leather tote bag, our range of tote bags caters to a variety of preferences and tastes. In this informal guide, we'll explore which tote bag to buy at ROWDY and help you find the perfect leather tote bag for you.

1. Cedar Leather Tote Bag: Our cedar leather tote bag is a classic and timeless choice. The leather gets better with time and the warm, brownish-red hue is a natural beauty. The aniline leather is durable and soft to the touch, making it the perfect year-round option.

2. Mountain Leather Tote Bag: The mountain leather tote bag is a warm, matte brown hue with hints of peanut. This unique to ROWDY in the UK and is perfect for anyone who wants a nubuck leather alternative. The mountain leather is a good year-round option and is perfect for a relaxed wardrobe.

3. Charcoal Leather Tote Bag: Our charcoal leather tote bag is perfect for the winter months. The deep, midnight black hue is sophisticated and stylish, while the buttery soft feel is luxurious. The high-quality aniline leather is naturally dyed with water-soluble dyes, making it both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

4. Boulder Leather Tote Bag: The boulder leather tote bag is a beautiful taupe, greyish-brown shade with delicate blonde notes. This shade is perfect for the summer months and is handmade from velvety Nubuck leather. The boulder leather is perfect for a relaxed wardrobe of blue jeans and a loose linen top.

5. Stone Leather Tote Bag: The stone leather tote bag is a creamed ivory hue that is perfect for the warmer months. The soft and supple feel is stunning on the eye, and there is no other bag like it on the market. This is the newest addition to our collection and is sure to make a statement.

6. Maple Leather Tote Bag: The maple leather tote bag is a rich, syrupy brown hue that is perfect for any outfit. The aniline leather is supple and light, making it a popular choice for those who want a brownish bag that catches the eye.

7. Root Leather Tote Bag: The root leather tote bag is a deep, earthy brown hue that is inspired by the rich humus of South African rainforests. The velvety texture of the nubuck leather is a delight to touch, and the natural, water-soluble dye ensures its long-lasting colour fastness.

8. Amber Leather Tote Bag: The amber leather tote bag is a gem-like hue that dances between yellow and orange. This lively colour is perfect for all seasons and adds a fresh touch to any outfit.

9. Copper Leather Tote Bag: The copper leather tote bag is a fiery reddish-orange hue that adds boldness to your style. The aniline leather is soft and supple, with a smooth lustre finish that provides both comfort and durability. Whether paired with soft linens or all-black ensembles, the copper leather tote bag is guaranteed to make a statement.

    In the end, choosing the right tote bag is a personal decision and will depend on individual preferences and needs.

    That being said, when asked for recommendations, we often suggest the cedar leather tote bag from our aniline leather range for its timeless elegance, the charcoal leather tote bag for its sophisticated look, or the mountain leather tote bag for its soft and velvety feel. However, this shouldn't take away from our other hues, and we encourage you to delve a little deeper and explore all options to find the tote bag that best fits your appetite.

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