Can you make this bag for me? Could you add a pocket here or remove that there? We get asked these sorts of questions a lot, so we thought we’d make a post about it so you can better understand.

 Essentially, as a factory, we have a production line where our 20 leather cutters, machinists and finishers each have an allocated task. It is a finely tuned process, with everyone an essential piece of the puzzle to reach our bag quota for the day.

 In order to do a custom item, we need to pull a machinist out of our streamlined process, ask them to design the custom piece, then we have to make a sample, approve it with the customer and finally make one item up individually.

 It is not only time consuming but also very costly for us and for our customer. And so, with this in mind and past experience under our belt, we have decided to stick to what we’re best at and make bags we can proudly put our lifetime guarantee and ROWDY brand on.

 And now you know.